How To Spring Clean Your Skin

Just like a thorough spring clean, it’s time to do the same to your skin. You’ve tucked away the puffy winter jackets, unclogged the kitchen cupboards and have started to dry your clothes outside. However, what you’ve been left with as a thank you from a cold winter is puffy skin, clogged pores and dry skin patches.

The first thing you must do right away is throw away all of those old makeup brushes that have gone hard and horrible because these should no longer be touching your face. Also take time to declutter your bathroom beauty cabinets. Be rid of anything crusty and dried up. Look at the use by date and lose all of the expired products. By replacing these regularly, you are stopping the spread of germs across your skin.

So, what does a skin spring clean involve? Read through our helpful and informative guide below to make sure you’re doing everything to protect your skin appropriately.


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Exfoliate Your Skin

To return your skin to having a healthy glow you should be exfoliating your skin to get rid of dry and dead skin cells. This process helps to keep your skin appropriately moisturized because exfoliating allows moisturizers to absorb into the skin. Eventually, you notice see a clear difference as your skin’s texture is evened out.

Last winter, you may not have realized what was happening to your skin under all of those warm layers. Your long-sleeved garments and thick socks could possibly have blinded you from seeing all of the rough skin that has been building up there for months. Exfoliate now to get rid of that old layer and be reborn like a newborn chick.

Use Less Moisturiser

As the temperature rises around us, so does the excess sweat our body produces. This means that the dense and heavy moisturizers we have been using all summer are no longer doing what they are meant to be doing, as higher temperatures added together with these moisturizers result in oiler skin for everyone, which means more clogged pores and emerging acne.

Also you may notice that as you sweat, it’ll feel like the makeup you have put on is sliding down your face. This is a sign that the moisturizer you’re using is too thick and turns your face into a mess.


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Add Vitamin C

This antioxidant has unique properties that can help to boost your skin’s defenses against allergens, inflammation and any free radical cell damage that is caused on your skin as a result of smoking, environmental causes and excess sun exposure.

With the added help of VItamin C to your spring skin care regime, you can benefit from protecting your skin’s cells and support structure from UV related damage. Whatsmore, you can expect your skin to increase its collagen production, which sustains our skin to provide firmness and elasticity to its structure.

Protection Against the Sun

With more sunnier days upon us we, as a result, are exposed to the sun much more frequently and after a winter of being engulfed in jumpers, coats and scarves, we can expect some sort of after effects to occur on our skin.

That being said, you might think your adventures outside will be risk-free but low and behold the sun may be your enemy. We’re afraid to say it, but covering up may be the best thing for you to do. What we also highly recommend is that you slather on the sun lotion, which will protect your skin from premature aging. With an SPF of 30 and added antioxidants to block UV rays, you’ll be sure to keep your skin protected throughout those sunny days.

Here at BIOEFFECT, we promise to look after your skin whether that’s through the innovative products we produce or through the power of words on our blog. But either way, with a helping hand from us and our unique science, you can be sure to be kept well protected not only on the sunny days but every day.

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