ES Magazine’s BIOEFFECT Experiment

On the 29th March, Evening Standard magazine featured a segment for the coolest beauty products on the market right now. Here, BIOEFFECT’s EGF +2A Daily Treatment was put under investigation by Annabel Rivkin, one of the magazine’s beauty product reviewers.



Image: Evening Standard

And the results?

“I needed to share this with you because it seems to have changed my complexion in a meaningful way. 

It is safe to say her experiment was a success. Annabel mentions from the start of her review that you really have to stick with it and we recommend doing so as well. Using our product for one month, as Annabel has done, you will notice that this consistency leads to clearly visible results and becomes easier to maintain.

Our EGF +2A Daily Treatment is incredibly easy to use. Starting with the Step 1 solution, simply apply 2-4 drops in the morning to a clean face and neck. Allow it time to absorb into your skin and then apply 2-4 drops of the Step 2 solution to the same areas. Lastly, wait 3-5 minutes before applying sunscreen or makeup. It’s at most, a ten minute process.

“This two-part system, applied in the morning, seems to have thickened my skin.”

She understands that a thickening of the skin may not sound aspirational however when considering what happens to our skin as we age, the effects of our revolutionary product are truly positive.

As we age, our skin undergoes a number of changes. It doesn’t retain as much moisture as we’d like it to. As a result, collagen and elastin breaks down and skin becomes less firm and less elastic, causing fine lines to appear and dry skin to overtake. Annabel rightly explains in her review that the first serum in this duo is concentrated to tackling these effects. With our Nobel Prize winning EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor) you can expect to see and feel a more dense and hydrated complexion sooner rather than later.

We also want to protect you from the daily hazards of city life. This is what Annabel also highlights. The second serum in our duo uses ferulic and azelaic acids to renew the skin and  protect you against free radicals and pollution.

“No fancy boxes or scents. Just straightforward, cutting-edge efficacy.”

Why not follow in Annabel Rivkin’s footsteps and try out our progressive and innovative product. BIOEFFECT’s EGF +2A Daily Treatment is your answer to a flawless and even toned complexion.

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