A Touch of Bioeffect in Tatler Magazine

Tatler Magazine has featured BIOEFFECT in its Beauty & Cosmetic Surgery 2018 segment that seeks to help skin look peachy, and further seek out the greatest products that hydrate and protect skin.

The BIOEFFECT product highlighted was our successful EGF +2A Daily Treatment, proven to be a staple product amongst a number of beauty sections.

Bioeffect +2A Daily Treatment Serum product image

Image: Bioeffect

Our advanced, pure and effective anti-aging treatment comes in two solutions. With Bioeffect’s award-winning, barley grown EGF (epidermal growth factor), we offer you a product suited ahead of its time. It’s a one of a kind answer to increasing skin volume and as a result, slows down the aging process, boosting the production of collagen and elastin that increases tone and elasticity.

“Formulated in Iceland and full of de-aging growth factors, these serums are quite the double act for wrinkles and protection.”

It was designed with hyaluronic acid that pads out skin and the radical fighting powers of Ferulic and Azelaic acids. Together, these solutions act together to hydrate and replenish skin, continuously fighting the ever-changing effects of the environment that attack our skin on a daily basis.

Used within minutes of each other, the EGF +2A Daily treatment provides you with a fast acting solution that works to give you a healthier, denser and younger-looking skin. BIOEFFECT is sure this is your answer to your daily skincare needs. Tatler certainly seems to think so…

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